business cards

a while about was having a sale.  i had been wanting to order business cards through them for a long time but they are kinda pricey

the boy always asks me for a list of reasons why i want to do anything i do – so i have some reasons for wanting these 😉

they are on really thick paper (its impressive) & i love that i can have  a whole variety of photos and not have to stick to one boring design (its actually kinda like a mini photo album)

the only thing i’m slightly disappointed with is that i find the back contrast a little difficult to read.  other than that, i think these are the bees knees
then i also wanted some business cards related to my etsy shop. but for those i didnt want to fork over a ton of money

so being the handmade person that i am, i designed some myself.  to add an extra embellishment, i sewed a row of fabric on each card.

then i just cut them apart. ta da.


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