There’s No Place Like It…

Back from our trip! It was eye opening in many ways and different than I expected. Seeing the monuments the Greeks and Romans created so long ago that are still standing today is unbelievable. You read about these things in school but until you are standing next to them I don’t think it really sinks in. We spent more time in Greece than Italy. The first pictures are snap shots of a very tiny little village of houses hidden in the middle of the giant city of Athens. It was breathtakingly beautiful in ways you don’t usually see here in America. As a whole it is a very poor country lacking many modern luxuries we experience here. The beauty and happiness of the people there just proves something Americans don’t often realize; there can be beauty and happiness without lots of money and fancy things. At the same time it made me all the more greatful for everyday luxuries like toilet seats and bath tubs. An unforgetable in trip in ways I would have never forseen.


Thanks for being here! I am Lindsey, mom of 5 littles and avid photographer. We love exploring, traveling, and taking photos everyday.


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