wanderlust adventures: the great smokey mountains

the boy and i spent the 4th of July weekend in Kentucky & Tennessee
we started out in Kentucky & did some mountain biking, smore making, & camping
continued biking in the morning until i fell pretty badly & couldn’t go on – which was very
we drove to Tennessee which involved holding ice on said injury the whole time
we got to the national park around evening – hunted for some firewood & cooked some hot dogs
in the morning we explored the park & decided to go tubing down the river
after searching for a store to purchase inter tubes – we got some pretty ones that were cheap at
Target – which ended up being a mistake because they were not nearly strong enough to hold us
against the current & i proceeded to slice my toe open …
i didn’t want to stop & ruin the fun so we taped the cut with electrical tape, put on socks and
shoes, and enjoyed the river until we got hungry
we had a picnic (which crosses another item off my 21 things before 22 list) and got ready for an
afternoon hike (after finding some first aid for my hurt toe)
we hiked to the waterfall and back – which was 5 miles total – in 2 hours – which was pretty good
time – we were going fast in order to get back in time for fireworks.
we couldn’t eat dinner because of said time restraints and Pigeon Forge doesn’t do fireworks –
who knew?
so we drove to Gatlinburg in bumper to bumper traffic – paid 5 dollars to some random dude
and watched fireworks on the grass (which i mostly watched through the window on my camera)
proceeded to get back in car to leave – and realized we lost my cell phone while picking things up
drove back to said lot and started the traffic nightmare all over..
we ate McDonald’s at like 1:30 am because nothing else was open – and continued to where we
planned to camp in another town – but when we got there we heard gunshots or fireworks (it
was the 4th of July after all) – but scary non the less – so upon the boy persistence – we drove all
the way home that night.
so the trip went far from perfectly but was so much fun nonetheless
i love that our relationship is like a series of adventures.
i love how much fun we have together – even when we get hurt.
i love how much he teaches me & shows me things i’ve never done before.
i love being with him.

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