In Pictures | Tulip Festival Holland, Michigan

This past weekend we drove to Holland to the Tulip Festival held there every spring.  The weather was beautiful and it was hot! It was crazy busy so I don’t know if I would recommend visiting during the first weekend of the festival.  We were pretty disappointed in the actual “flower fields” at Veldheers.  It seemed more like a tourist trap than anything else.  It was still a good experience and fun to photograph the flowers. Bikes did make venturing around town a bit easier since we had to park far away.  2015-05-04_00192015-05-04_00142015-05-04_00202015-05-04_00272015-05-04_00152015-05-04_00252015-05-04_00232015-05-04_00262015-05-04_00182015-05-04_00282015-05-04_00482015-05-04_00212015-05-04_00392015-05-04_00222015-05-04_00322015-05-04_00292015-05-04_00302015-05-04_00462015-05-04_00312015-05-04_00542015-05-04_00332015-05-04_00342015-05-04_00352015-05-04_00362015-05-04_00372015-05-04_00172015-05-04_00162015-05-04_00422015-05-04_00242015-05-04_00432015-05-04_00442015-05-04_00552015-05-04_00452015-05-04_00472015-05-04_00412015-05-04_00492015-05-04_00502015-05-04_00512015-05-04_00522015-05-04_00532015-05-04_00562015-05-04_00572015-05-04_00582015-05-04_00382015-05-04_00402015-05-04_0059

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